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Tale of a WolfDreamer

Sep. 26th, 2008

04:58 am - Playlisting

So I've been listening to this awesome playlist for a week or so. I'm really loving pretty much all the songs on it, but I'm thinking a 16 song list is too short. I can usually get through it at least twice, which means I have to think about restarting it while writing. I just added 10 more songs in hopes that they'll help.

The problem is... well, okay. There are two problems. The first is that this playlist has to last me a while. The second is that the songs have to "fit." They have to be upbeat, but not particularly happy. And fairly recent. And why do some songs just evoke either a Disney movie or a TV show? I mean, they just have that sound. And that isn't the sound I want for my NaNo. Argh.

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Current Music: Matt Kearney - Nothing Left to Lose.

Sep. 24th, 2008

03:31 pm

It's been almost a year and I've let this place get dusty again. Seems like I always come back, just before November (and NaNo, of course). The rest of the time, I'm bogged down in nonsense. It's even worse this year. Last year, though, I had major burn-out by the end of November. I'm hoping it won't happen again, but if it does, I've got a better idea on how to fix it.

I just went back and read some of my stuff from the book I'm working on. I'd forgotten how much I love the characters when they're bantering. (Probably because the last scene I did was non-stop banter and it was getting old.)

So I've got one of the big, climactic scenes to write tonight. Love, possible betrayal, and maybe even a rescue. And tomorrow, I get to work on something else- something that has finally started to heat up. The next couple of scenes are going to be crucial.

For the record, I'm on a weird writing schedule until NaNo starts. I have four stories that rotate weeks- I work on a major and a minor every week, which means four days with story A (major), two days with story B (minor), one day "off", and the next week, it's Story C (major) and Story D (minor), with the "off" day at the end again. Yeah, it's weird and kind of complicated, but it keeps me from getting too burnt out on one story, and I usually start the week, raring to go.

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Current Music: Ferras - Hollywood's Not America.

Nov. 2nd, 2007

06:42 am - Google is my friend.

I'm sure my Googling habits during the month of November would be worrisome to anyone who didn't know about NaNoWriMo. So far this month, I've Googled divorces in which one party won't sign the papers, parents as dependents on your work insurance, and how much it would cost to get a bail bond for someone who was looking at a bail amount of half a million. Because these are not things that are in my everyday knowledge.

The story is going well. I'm up to 12,116 at the moment, and trying to see how far I can get before the busy day starts.

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Current Music: The Killers -- All These Things That I've Done.

Nov. 1st, 2007

10:15 pm - Day one

So far, so good. I managed 10,052 by seven forty five tonight. I'm hoping for at least six thousand words tomorrow, but I have my doubts I'll be able to manage that. At least the story is fun.

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Oct. 31st, 2007

11:57 pm - It's been three years since I wrote here.

And there are four minutes left until NaNo begins for me. I'm looking forward to having this space again.

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